The Evolution of the Traditional MEP Engineering Firm


The Evolution of the Traditional MEP Engineering Firm


The Evolution of the Traditional MEP Engineering Firm

When looking for an engineering team, you’re hoping to get timely design plans, little to no permitting issues, and a partnership with a collaborative, talented group of people.

Most times, you get one or some of these conditions, but when you want them all,
(R)evolution Engineering is your go-to team.

(R)evolution has (R)eal people who are (R)esponsive and (R)eliable with a (R)adical approach to the industry.

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(R)eviews from Clients

I hired Revolution Engineering for a project that consisted of a warehouse unit that needed to be redesigned to accommodate a large amount of machines. Due to the machines’ substantial power requirements, the site needed to be well-designed, have efficient power delivery and heat evacuation systems.

Christopher and Brian were absolutely spectacular in their professional, thorough investigation of my needs and in their ability to anticipate problems or limitations pertaining to the facility itself; thus saving me time and money.

Moreover, the contract between Revolution Engineering and my company was clear, well-defined and their services very honestly priced (especially considering the high quality of their work!). I always received detailed specifications for all the equipment they recommended and always received their design work upon completion. Furthermore, they worked with suppliers and contractors directly (like I had requested) and always took time to make sure I understood the differences between possible solutions.

I am truly grateful for coming across these people. I hire quite a few people for my activities and cannot emphasize enough the high standards to which Revolution Engineering hold themselves!

Philippe Merrilees
11 out of 10 Stars!
President, Soft Liquidities

Our approach to engineering design means a better build out for you and your clients

Revolution Engineering Licensed States

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Featured in Nevada Business Magazine – June 2019

On How We Avoid Huge and Costly Issues for Our Clients

… by using 3D Modeling

“Before it was on 2D and it would look good on paper and then in the field you realize a beam runs through a duct. 

Now we can see before that happens so we minimize conflicts in the field and what it costs.

Questions slow projects down and time is money.

– Chris Lovett | Revolution Engineering

Learn About Revolution Engineering

Revolution Engineering’s approach to business is to deliver the same high-quality designs we’ve always held ourselves committed to while re-thinking the way the traditional MEP firm approaches and conducts business.

  • Founded in 2017 by a cohesive team of engineers
  • Proficient in providing MEP build out designs and upgrades
  • Based in Las Vegas, NV and licensed in several states

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you veteran owned and operated?
Yes! Since the very beginning, we wanted to find ways to give back to those that have served our country on top of those closest to us in our community.
Do you support local non-profits?
Yes we do! We know that giving back to our community is important and a big reason why we decided to donate to local nonprofits from day 1.
Can you handle my project?
Our team of experienced engineers can handle most projects but it’s always a good idea to discuss timelines, goals and the project. If we find that we might not be able to help you, we would much rather be honest instead of delivering a low-quality design.
Revolution Engineering